Pricom Desktop

Pricom is an ERP targeted at medium-sized manufacturing and assembly businesses. The Pricom platform offers a range of features which enable you to run your entire operation seamlessly.


Your Pricom manufacturing analysis software’s integrated general ledger, debtor and creditor will automatically generate:

  • Creditor Invoices to your suppliers (e.g. fisherman, also known as Buyer-created-tax-invoice)
  • Debtor Invoices to your customers

Inventory/Warehouse Management

Pricom will track inventory providing detailed stock level and movement reporting at the click of a button, and integrates with the Pricom PoS system to ensure accurate stock levels. The Inventory Management system integrates with your website via the Pricom API to provide easy access to near realtime stock information, meaning you cannot sell out-of-stock items.

In addition to traditional inventory management, Pricom can track the:

  • Assembly of inventory from a range of raw materials into a finished product (as is common in a manufacturing operation).
  • Disassembly of raw materials into one or more finished products (as is common when converting a raw material, such as fish, mussels, [tree] logs, or animals into a combination of products and waste materials).

Manufacturing Workflow

Pricom allows you to model your manufacturing workflow. You can then manage the collection of data throughout the manufacturing process, including the calculation of finished inventory and recording any waste during the process.

Existing equipment can be used for automated data collection during a manufacturing workflow or via a series of touch-screen stations located throughout the manufacturing line.

This flexibility allows you to collect accurate data on usage, wastage and production outputs at a level of detail most businesses only dream of. Armed with this information you can be more nimble with your business decisions, and we can then program this within the Pricom platform, creating a "virtuous circle".

Packhouse Management

Packhouse Management is a specialty requirement of businesses working in primary industries – for example fruit packing, fish processing and freezing works. 

Pricom are experts when it comes to Packhouse Management with a sytem offering the ability to track, separate, allocate, pack and distribute. You can assign customer orders quickly and efficiently without the need to complete paperwork. Providing traceability on all shipments, your supporting export documentation is created within minutes, and Pricom will generate supplier payments too.

Check out our packhouse system to learn more.