Pricom Packhouse Processing System

What can you expect from your Pricom Packhouse System?

The Outcomes

Your fully integrated user-friendly Pricom software solution will innovate and streamline your operation by increasing your packhouse productivity. A customised design will result in the perfect packhouse system to suit the needs of your business to enable you to gain significant efficiencies. With the implementation of your new system you will enjoy:

  • Inventory tracking and management.
  • Grower reporting (packline reports).
  • Automated charging of packhouse fees.
  • Grower payment quoting.
  • Simplified Grower payments.
  • Dispatch and consignments.
  • Automated delivery information sent to customers.
  • Flexible label printing.
  • Product line sorting, grading, weighing, packing and tracking.
  • A paperless customer order allocation system.
  • Traceability on all shipments.
  • Automatic export documentation generation.

With its sophisticated design, yet simple operation, your new Pricom packhouse system will future proof your business for many years to come.

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