Pricom ERP Seafood Processing System

Easily track and record your entire manufacturing process with the Pricom Seafood Processing System. Manage quota, packhouse and inventory with one system, plus run your general ledger, debtor and creditor accounting functions. The Pricom ERP system gives you the control you need.

Key features of our seafood system include:

  • Weighing and tracking of incoming deliveries from suppliers.
  • Tracking the separation of the product into useable portion and wastage.
  • Tracking wastage.
  • Generate export documentation for all consignments in minutes.
  • ACE Quota Management (integrates with FishServe)
  • Touchscreen fish packline system (simultaneous receiving and dispatching, simplified compliance e.g. RMP, and manages pack-on-behalf customers).
  • Provides traceability on all shipments.
  • Track orders.
  • Generate fisherman payments.

You’ll enjoy a fully automated ERP seafood processing system that will rationalise your current processes and future-proof your operation.

Pricom Wetfish ERP Processing System

Contained within this one packline processing system is a daily packing schedule of customer orders, vessels, customers and finished goods. With integration either at the point a customer order is complete or when the entire pack run is complete, a customer consignment is created along with the inbound receipt.

Using standard order templates in the ERP system held by the packline, a daily pack run is updated with final customer order quantities before being published to the line for processing, and if you need to make changes on the fly, that is easily done on the packline itself. At the packing station label printing and scales are automated and controlled by a touch screen. 

System features include:

  • Single or multiple vessels processed at one time.
  • Operator control to override customer quantities.
  • Adding customer orders.
  • Sales and margin reporting.

With Pricom's state-of-the-art solution and its integrated functionality and reporting, your entire business processes will be manged end-to-end.

  • FishPro OPC trucks
  • FishPro OPC Bins