The Base Pricom Platform

Pricom is a leading manufacturing software business with an enterprise-level ERP platform designed specifically for primary sector and manufacturing businesses. Consisting of a number of key elements Pricom software manages end-to-end processes giving you a competitive advantage.

Pricom API Server

Your server runs on a robust Linux backend (similar to that of large companies like installed on-site in your office (preferably in a dedicated server room) or in our virtualised data centre. Pricom will advise what hardware/software you require or supply it to you with your deployment.

  • Web based API (application programming interface) that is standards compliant
  • Uses OAuth 2.0 for RESTful authentication
  • Secure (uses SSL)
  • Runs over the Internet – perfect for mobile sites

Pricom Software Stack

The API is used by each software application to transfer data in and out of the Pricom server in a clean, reliable and secure way. As an end-user, you will never need to interact directly with the API, however it can be made available to your IT team for data extraction although most of our customers ask us to do integration work for them.

The Pricom database will store all of your data ensuring its security and integrity. All components of the Pricom ERP access your centralised database rather than using multiple sources of data.

Windows Desktop Application

  • Uses .NET Framework
  • Reliable and flexible interface

Mobile Applications

  • Offline Web Applications
  • Native Applications for Windows Mobile, iOS or Android