Customised Software Development

Gain the competitive edge with a customised Pricom ERP solution, streamlining business systems and processes to gain greater efficiency and profits.

Improve Business Performance

It’s a tough world out there in business today... The performance of your business is of course, the most important thing, and you need to be efficient and cost-effective.

Pricom are specialists at partnering with businesses to analyse, plan and develop customised ERP software solutions that will save you both time and money.

Our experienced ERP business analysts will work through every inch of your business to identify opportunities to improve, automate and simplify processes. We will then build you a cutting edge customised ERP software solution packed with smart features that is easy to use.

Cloud Based Business Software

Millions of businesses around the world are now using cloud based systems to store and access their business information.

With a cloud based system you can access all of your businesses information wherever you are. Your records and files are stored on highly secure servers, with no chance of data being lost if computers are destroyed or stolen.

Web-Based Business Software

Taking your business into the cloud means you don’t have to invest in expensive servers capable of managing your hardware. Your system and data is housed on highly secure servers, and simply accessed over the internet. With a cloud based system you can access your information any time of the day, anywhere in the world – and your entire team can do the same!

Integration with other Business Software

The Pricom solution implementation will be a seamless integration with your existing business software, which of course is paramount to business continuity. 

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