Customer Support

The Pricom Customer Support team is on-hand (during the day, and into the night if need be) to provide the assistance you need.

A support package can be designed to meets your needs. And, we’ll review it with you on a regular basis to make sure it's still working for you. Whether you choose ad-hoc support on an as-required basis, or a monthly or annual Service Level Agreements (SLA) whereby you receive a higher level of service for less money (compared to the same number of support hours on the ad-hoc service) Customer Support is one of our core company values.

We operate a ticket system to track your support requests to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Operational Support

If your business needs Pricom but you don't have the staff available to drive it, our team can provide ongoing or overflow support. Whatever you need - data entry, data analysis or reporting, we can provide people to help.

Server Management

Most Pricom manufacturing software solutions require implementation of a dedicated server within your business. Managing this server and its related infrastructure can be taken care of by the Pricom team remotely if you don’t have the expertise in-house. We will also provide on-site support as needed. Each customer is different so we tend to tailor our Server Management service accordingly.

Contact the Pricom Support Team to discuss your needs.