Business Analysis for Software Design

Delivering a positive ROI is Pricom’s number one objective. With this in mind, understanding your business is the key to a successful implementation. Applying the right amount of technology will deliver a robust solution, providing you with great operational efficiency and detailed reporting and analysis.

Business Analysis & Scoping

An in-depth business analysis by the Pricom team will uncover the root cause of any problems in your existing business processes.

In working through this process we will highlight where your perceived business requirements are unlikely to generate a positive return. We've learnt over the years that it's far better to leave something off the table when its value is unclear.

We will scope your specific requirements outlining where you are now and what is needed to future-proof your operation. The expected outcomes and the additional value a Pricom ERP system implementation will deliver will be clearly identified and documented.

Scoping Document & Proposal

Our scoping document and proposal will outline all configuration and customisation required for your project. And, we'll give you a clear and detailed breakdown of the expected cost as part of our proposal.

Configuration & Customisation

Deploying your Pricom software solution involves a combination of configuration and customisation. The level of each activity will depend on your specific business requirements identified during the business analysis phase.

  • Configuration: Your Pricom software will be configured to meet your specific business needs.
  • Customisation: We will modify or add functionality to your Pricom software to deliver the outcomes in the scoping process. This customisation allows for modifications on a case-by-case basis that best fit your business.

Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your project which will be crucial to a successful Pricom deployment. Taking overall responsibility for ensuring successful delivery of your Pricom solution your Project Manager will be charged for the time they spend on your project.  We will however estimate the expected cost in your proposal.

We will also need a Project Manager from within your business to work with us. This person will manage resources and be a point of contact within your business to ensure the project is successful. Your nominated person need not be a professional Project Manager, but should be knowledeable about your business, and contactable.