OPCFL processes, packs and distributes wetfish, lobster and scallops and has been using Pricom ERP software to manage its business for over two decades.

Building a robust and highly efficient processing operation has been key to OPCFL’s success. With a competitive advantage and industry excellence awards to be proud of, OPCFL operates a very successful business.

Benefits of the Pricom Software to OPCFL

OPCFL uses Pricom to for quote management, packhouse management and inventory management to gain efficiencies.  Accounting functions of general ledger, debtors and creditors allow the business to be highly efficient. The Pricom software provides the following features:

  • Tracks customer orders in New Zealand and overseas. This allows OPCFL to advise fish suppliers of what to catch on a daily basis.
  • Tracks supplier quotas and automatically sells additional quota to suppliers as required.
  • Allows all incoming catches to be separated, packed and tracked by species and grade.
  • Packing teams assign fish to customer orders quickly and efficiently using touch-screens. No manual paperwork needs to be completed.
  • Generates export documentation for all consignments at the end of each day in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.
  • Provides traceability on all shipments.
  • Generates supplier payments.

Current Projects

Recently we installed the OPCFL packline software into a second site that packs on contract to OPCFL. The data from this second site automatically feeds to the central Pricom server at OPCFL, allowing the data to be centrally processed. Pricom software’s flexibility for use in a multi-site environment allows for the deployment of Pricom in additional Aoteroa Fisheries Group sites in the future.

First Fresh

First Fresh is New Zealand's largest domestic market citrus supplier and Pricom's longest standing customer. Marketing a wide range of packed produce throughout New Zealand, First Fresh developed First Gold, a gold kiwifruit variety, in collaboration with Zespri.

Pricom software has been at the core of the First Fresh operation for 30 years. In addition external systems and applications have been added to complement the Pricom system. First Fresh are now looking to merge their system functionality into a single platform to manage and store all data.

First Fresh uses Pricom to run its general ledger, including debtors and creditors plus a custom Payroll module. Pricom data from a range of sources including manual entry at different packing process points plus data transfer from the Compac grading system in place at First Fresh come together.

Benefits of the Pricom Software to First Fresh

First Fresh already has a considerable competitive advantage by using Pricom software. With the new Grower Payment system increased automation will provide:

• Greater process efficiencies.
• More reliable and timely data.
• More automation based on pre-defined business rules.
• The flexibility to bend (or even break) those rules when necessary.
• Access only to the relevant company data staff need and no more.

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Current projects

A new Grower Payments system under development will be fully integrated into the Pricom software to replace manual processes, spreadsheets and databases currently in place. The new system will:

  • Eliminate double entry of data.
  • Prepare weekly grower quotes and distribute automatically to growers.
  • Prepare and distribute bi-weekly grower statements (including quantity packed and the price paid for each grade of produce).
  • Authorise Grower Payments using an approval workflow process.
  • Automatically schedule Grower Payments via online banking.
  • Track and value stock on hand.
  • Allow the First Fresh marketing team to manage the margin for each variety.
  • Maximise returns to growers and allow for manual payment adjustments as required.
  • Generate export documentation.

OP Columbia

OP Columbia processes raw mussels into cooked mussel products it distributes both within New Zealand and overseas and has used Pricom to manage its business for over 20 years.

From bags of raw mussels, OP Columbia cooks and then processes the meat into either half-shell or meat-only products which it then packs ready for distribution.

Benefits of the Pricom Software to OP Columbia

OP Columbia uses Pricom to run its general ledger, debtors and creditors, packhouse management, waste management, and inventory management of products up to the cool room door where a manual system takes over.

The Pricom software provides the following features:

• Weighs and tracks incoming deliveries of mussels from suppliers.
• Tracks the separation of mussels into half-shell and meat-only products.
• Tracks wastage.
• Generates export documentation for all consignments in minutes.
• Provides traceability on all shipments.

Current Projects

We are working with OP Columbia to enhance their Pricom System to include:

  • Grower Payments system to automate a manual process (similar to the First Fresh Grower Payment solution). 
  • Pricom already tracks each mussel consignment’s progress through the OP Columbia pack line; this project will extend Pricom to automate the calculation, reporting and generation of payments to growers that supply OP Columbia.