About Pricom ERP Software

Pricom has been supporting primary sector manufacturing businesses for three decades. Back in the day, Pricom’s objective was to supply multi-user lean manufacturing software solutions and full site support for medium-sized primary sector manufacturing businesses. This is still the case today.

In 2012, Tauranga-based software developer Totali acquired Pricom as a going-concern. A significant software re-write is already underway, and these enhancements will future-proof the Pricom platform.  A key element to this process has been canvassing existing customers for their ideas to best improve the Pricom core platform.

The Pricom ERP system improvements will, where possible, be integrated into the core platform and in some cases customer-specific enhancements will be implemented.

Pricom customers will continue to enjoy active support from our team of experts and robust process analysis software.

  • Mussell bags
  • Lobster in bins
  • FishPro OPC Bins